P.S Tours India Pvt. Ltd.


P.S. Tours India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2001 and is one of the leading transport agencies in Delhi & NCR, providing passenger vehicles all over India. The company has been dedicated towards:

  • Providing our prestigious clients with integrated mobility solutions by employing the wide range of Passenger Vehicles.
  • Providing cliental “employee’s” a clean, comfort & safe Journey with an enjoyable experience from ‘Home to Work’ and ‘Work to Home’
  • Providing Efficient, Affordable, Safe, Reliable and Punctual Transport services to the travelling Client / employee.
  • The principles of operational Efficiency and Technical excellence guide every aspect of our work.

Our Value Adds

P.S. Tours India Pvt. Ltd. considers the following to be the value adds of our services:

  • Transport management
    • Preparation of various reports.
    • Providing alternative business models for cost reduction, operational efficiency, technology absorption etc.
    • Manpower for helpdesk, supervisor, analyst to run the operations
  • Technology
    • Optimal Route Preparation
    • Employee Rostering
    • Data Analysis
    • Billing
    • Combines and manages the above factors optimally and delivers the final services
  • Vehicle
    • 400+ passenger cabs for commuting within Delhi/NCR on daily basis
    • Varies sized vehicles- Small vehicles like Santro to Large vehicles like Innova
    • Safety
    • Fuel Efficiency
    • Maintenance Requirements
    • Other factors like product perception, market trends, etc.
  • Driver
    • 200+ in number
    • General Behaviour
    • Safe Driving
    • Grooming & Training
    • Timelines

P.S. Tours India Pvt. Ltd. considers that all the above mentioned aspects make up for an efficient and effective transportation partner for our customers and strives to achieve each of the above mentioned aspects for our customers as per their needs.