About us


P S Group over the years
The P S Group was founded in 1980 with the establishment of P S Engineering Works and has since diversified in the areas of Automobile Engineering, Transportation and Logistics Solutions.
The second major turning point in the history of the group was with the establishment of P.S. Tours India Pvt. Ltd. which soon became a major transport partner for some of the most prominent companies in Delhi/NCR. Since then the firm has grown to be a trusted transport partner for companies like Jet Airways, NewsX, Genpact to name a few.
Also, under the banner of P S Group, Rajasthan Automobiles and S M Engineering Works were established in Delhi to provide for the growing needs of the Automobile Industry.
With the great success of the P S Engineering Works in Delhi, the operations were extended to Gurgaon with the establishment of P S Engineering Works, Gurgaon in 2006.
Next in line was the establishment of P S Trans Solution to provide transportation, perfect handling of cargo, emergencies and SOS situations. All the firms under the group have been identified as one of the leader in providing customer service in their respective areas of operation and identify customer satisfaction as the key to their success.

P S Group comprises of the following six companies with operations in Delhi/NCR:

  • P S Engineering Works, Delhi
  • P.S. Tours India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
  • P S Trans Solution, Delhi
  • P S Engineering Works, Gurgaon
  • S M Engineering Works, Delhi
  • Rajashtan Automobiles, Delhi

All the companies in the group boast of expertise and dedicated human resources in their respective areas of operations. The group believes in synergy of efforts and have always been providing a one stop solution to all the needs of their customers.